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Ripples XL Goldfish

Goldfish Goldfish

Goldfish are sold in our stores more than anything else. Partly because they are such good value, and partly because they are easier to look after than some other more sensitive species.

We grow goldfish at our farm in the midlands, which enables us to uniquely offer BIG goldfish at really sensible prices. They are not all straight orange fish as some are a mix of orange, white, and black.

These Extra Large Goldfish are extremely hardy fish, as they are born and bred here at our fish farm in Shropshire. They are peaceful, and colourful fish, making them a lovely addition to any garden pond.

Goldfish in extreme cases can grow to a maximum of 18” (45cm) in length, and these Extra Large Goldfish are fast on their way.

Goldfish are a lot happier in small groups when they are small, but do not need to be in shoals as they get bigger. As a general rule, all small fish are more comfortable, and happier in small shoals.

Please be aware that goldfish to not take a great deal of encouragement to breed in still, or slow moving water, so do not be too shocked to see some small brown/black fish populating you pool in late spring. All goldfish are born this colour, and as they grow develop into different colours.

Goldfish will feed happily on a varied diet, consisting of pellets, stick, and flaked dried preparations. This fish will also be more than happy grazing on small larvae in the pond.


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Goldfish 10-20 20-50 50-100 100-200 200+
6-8" £20.00 ea £17.50 £16.50 £15.00 £13.50 £12.00

 To Order - CALL - 01952 200199

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