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These very attractive, and peaceful bottom feeding fish would make a lovely addition to any garden pond. Tench are a native species, so very acclimatised to our ‘Great’ british weather. Although in lakes, and large pools, tench can grow in excess of 12”(30cm), rarely will they get as large as this in most ponds. Whilst it is a bit of a myth that tench will clean the bottom of your pond, they will disturb the silt and debris at the bottom, allowing the filter system to efficiently remove the waste. Tench will thrive in well filtered large ponds, and not ideally suited to small goldfish ponds. Although it is possible to persevere with food, and get tench to feed from the surface, they will be much happier with sinking foods, and scavenging around the bottom for worms, and larvae.

Green Tench are readily available, and more common that their golden, and red siblings, although we can get the other varieties.

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Green Tench
10-20 20-50 50-100 100-200 200+
4-6"  x x x x x
6-8" £10.00 ea £9.25 £8.50 £7.75 £7.25 £7.00
8-10"  x x x x x

 To Order - CALL - 01952 200199

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