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Swan Mussels

Swan Mussels are a lovely addition to garden ponds. These attractive molluscs are filter feeders, feeding off debris, daphnia, and other small pond organisms.

Swan Mussels can reach an adult size of 15 cm - 6", and can live up to 12 years if kept correctly. There is some contention as to whether these molluscs need moving, and highly aerated water, as they are generally found in streams, and rivers. This being said, it is not uncommon to find them in lakes, and other still water environments.

*Be warned, as with all molluscs, copper based treatments, that you use for your fish, will kill these creatures. Once killed, they will rot and potentailly pollute the water. All is not lost though, if you are unfortunate to lose these mussels, the shells can be used decoratively, and are also used by small fish to breed in, and lay eggs in. Bitterling, and Shiners, being two that commonly lay eggs this way.

All this said, we think that Swan Mussels are superb in garden ponds, and make a great, and diverse introduction into wildlife ponds.

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