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Shubunkins Shubunkins

Shubunkins, or Shubs as they are commonly known, are effectively the same as goldfish. They are been selectively bred to allow different colour pigmentation. Due to the fact that these fish are so similar to there golden cousins, the car for the species is exactly the same. As with goldfish, shubunkins are a very hardy, and attractive pond fish. They are very peaceful fish, that make a lovely addition to any garden pond. Shubunkins are extremely popular due to the fact that they are so hardy, but also because of there stunning multi-colours.

Shubunkins will generally grow to sizes around 6-8” (15-20cm) in most garden ponds, enabling virtually any size pond to support these fish comfortably.

Shubunkins are a lot happier in small groups when they are small, but do not need to be in shoals as they get bigger. As a general rule, all small fish are more comfortable, and happier in small shoals.

Shubs will feed happily on a varied diet, consisting of pellets, stick, and flaked dried preparations. This fish will also be more than happy grazing on small larvae in the pond.


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3-4" £3.50 ea £3.45 £3.35 £3.25 £3.15 £3.00
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7-8" £20.00 ea £19.00 £18.00 £17.00 £16.00 £15.00

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