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Shenstone - Tel: 01543 480886

This site is the old Fosters Garden Centre, which was recently taken over by Wyevale, though the locals will probably forever refer to it as Fosters. It was probably the first big, modern, purpose designed garden centre to be built in the Midlands and we have had a Ripples Waterlife store there since day one. The store is just 200 yards from the A5/A38 roundabout.

This store specializes in supplying everything you need to keep Tropical and Coldwater Fish and Koi. 

Tropical Fish House

The Tropical Fish House has a hundred tanks of warm water fish. We import tropical freshwater fish from every continent in the world except Antartica, which ensures that we have something for everybody. There is a huge range of community fish at very competitive prices alongside rare and specialist species including stunning Discus, Arowanas and rare South American catfish. Most importantly, we have specialists on hand who are only too happy to help and guide you. In addition to the fish we have an enormous range of Aquariums, Plants, Chemicals, Feeds, Decorations, Pumps, Filters. In fact everything you might conceivably need to keep tropical fish including good advice. Whether you are starting out or an old hand, we will be delighted to help and guide you. 

Coldwater Pond Fish

Coldwater pond fish include Goldfish, Shubunkins , Sarasas, Orfe, Sterlets, small Sturgeon and Ghosts as well as other less common species including some fish grown and over-wintered at our own farm in Shropshire. Each Spring and again in mid-Summer we travel to the Far East to buy the very best Koi available and because we purchase them in such quantity, they are not the silly prices you see them elsewhere. Naturally, we also stock more Pumps, Filters, Ponds, Liners, UV’s, Fish Foods, Chemicals, Treatments, and Plants than you could ever need. 

Water Plants

We also stock a range of Water Plants. We stock a vast range of pond plants, from simple bunches of oxygenating weed, up to a rainbow of colours of water lillies. Come and see our great selection at Ripples.

How to find us



Ripples Waterlife at Wyevale Dobbies Garden Centre, Birmingham Rd, Shenstone, Nr Lichfield, WS14 0QQ

Open seven days a week - Tel: 01543 480886

Mon - Sat - 9.00am - 5.00pm
Sun - 10.30am - 4.30pm