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It would be great if you could visit one of our stores but sadly we don’t have a national coverage yet! But that doesn’t mean that we can’t ship fish to your door.

TO ORDER - CALL 01952 200199

As you can appreciate, with large numbers of fish moving in and out of our store all the time, there are occasions when we might not have the particular species, or size of species in stock. To save any dissappointment, we ask that you give us a call on the above number, and we will take your order verbally. By doing our ordering this way, we can ensure you get exactly what you ask for, and can also advise you with your purchase.

How do we do it?

Coldwater Fish Coldwater Fish
Catching Fish    Bagging Fish

Coldwater Fish Coldwater Fish
Boxing Fish    Delivering Fish

Ornamental fish are transported around the world every single day. Indeed, we import well over half a million pounds worth of fish from every continent each year and all of these are transported in the hold of an airliner. We have adapted this system so that it works well for you.

Just as you normally carry your fish home from the aquatics store in a bag, we pack your fish into heavy duty, double skinned, polythene bags, which are inflated with pure oxygen and are then packed into special polystyrene lined fish boxes which ensure the temperature stays constant and provides physical protection for the fish in the bag. The box is then sealed up and despatched to you by carrier late in the afternoon for a guaranteed arrival the next morning.

Fish transported this way are absolutely fine. Our tests show that they are OK in the bag for up to three days (that’s as long as we have tested them for and they were still fine when we released them) so delivery the morning after is a piece of cake.

Due to the time and cost that goes into packing these fish safely, we do operate a minimum order of £40.00 before delivery.

Next day delivery charge to your door is £19.95.

 To Order - CALL - 01952 200199

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