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These very attractive, and peaceful bottom feeding fish would make a lovely addition to any garden pond. Gudgeon are a native species, so very acclimatised to our ‘Great’ british weather. These small growing fish will rarely reach lengths any longer than 8”(20cm), making them perfect inhabitants of ponds of all sizes. Being bottom feeding fish, gudgeon will disturb a percentage of waste on the floor of the pond, allowing pumps to remove it easier. Due to their feeding habits, gudgeon do require a different diet to most ornamental species. Although they will graze on the pond floor for larvae, small worms, and insects, it is advisable to put sinking foods into the pond, to make sure they are well fed. Gudgeon are a very hardy and robust fish, and can be kept with much larger species without any fear of bullying. Although you will not see a massive amount of these fish once they hit the bottom, they are very beneficial to the pond, and a must for all garden ponds.

Gudgeon will benefit from being in small groups, or colonies.

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