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Ghost Koi

Ghost Koi Ghost Koi

Ghost koi are a fantastic addition to any larger ponds. These fish are very fast growing carp, and can get to an excess of 24”(60cm) in length. Although Ghost Koi are renowned for being ‘bullet-proof’, they will require a filtered pond. As with any carp species, they will produce more ammonia than other ornamental species. Ghost koi are a hybrid species, created by breeding Parachina (Single coloured metallic koi), and common carp varieties. As with carp species, ghost koi can be found fully scaled, mirror scaled, and with leather carp markings.

Ghost koi have proven to be a very popular choice with many fish keepers. Not only are these fish big, fast growing carp, but they are attractive, and very resilient against disease.

Ghost koi should be treated the same as any other ornamental species, with regards to feeding. They do not require high growth, high colour, high vitamin foods, that normal koi carp require. They do however, require a lot of food. They are intensely fast growing, and anybody wishing to purchase these fish should have a large enough pond to sustain them, or at least provision to move them on as they get too large.

Ghost Koi

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Ghost Koi
10-20 20-50 50-100 100-200 200+
2-3" £2.50 ea £2.45 £2.35 £2.25 £2.15 £2.00
3-4" £3.50 ea £3.45 £3.35 £3.25 £3.15 £3.00
4-5" £6.00 ea £5.95 £5.85 £5.75 £5.65 £5.50

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