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We are often asked for common and mirror carp. The only difference between commons and mirrors are the scale patterns. They are born on the same day from the same parents. Commons are fully scaled and mirrors have a scattering of scales which are unique to each fish – just like a finger print. Strictly speaking, these are not ornamental fish but you will see them cruising around your pond and if you don’t fish for them, they will become as tame as any other ornamental fish.

Although carp are dark in colouration, there is no denying the stunning markings on these fish. They might not be red, or blue, but they are very beautiful in their own right.

Carp are a great addition to large ponds, and pools, they will grow quickly and make very tame, and ‘BIG’ pets.

Carp are very greedy fish, and will almost certainly eat anything to try to feed them. They will happily feed on the same dried preparations as all of your other ornamental fish. As we all know though, variety is the spice of life, so mix it up a bit. They will enjoy some of your kitchen left overs. Orange is very high in vitamin C and a very beneficial food for all pond fish. They will be more than happy with a few worms from the garden too.

We can sell these fish in a number of sizes as shown below.

TO ORDER - CALL 01952 200199 

Carp 10-20 20-50 50-100 100-200 200+
2-4" £1.95 ea £1.85 £1.75 £1.65 £1.50 £1.00
4-6" £2.95 ea £2.85 £2.75 £2.50 £2.25 £2.00
6-8" £4.95 ea £4.85 £4.75 £4.50 £4.25 £4.00
8-10" £9.95 ea £9.50 £8.95 £7.95 £6.95 £5.95

 To Order - CALL - 01952 200199

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