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Bridgemere - Tel: 01270 520020

This is our Flagship store, situated in one of the best garden centres in Europe - certainly one of the largest! If you are interested in gardening, this is the place to visit. When other garden centres are reducing the area given over to displaying plants, in favour of products which don't need looking after, Bridgemere has acres of plants and shrubs as well as huge indoor areas and it continues to expand. There is also a fantastic restaurant. When you bring the family to look at the fish, there will be no problem keeping them occupied!

You will find Tropical, Marine, Coldwater Pond fish, and Koi as well as everything you need to look after them.

An ideal starting point for indoor fish keeping is with fancy goldfish. There are perhaps a hundred varieties of goldfish that have been bred and we keep a big range of them in a dedicated system at Bridgemere, along with absolutely everything you will need to get going, including low cost starter aquariums and all the advice you need to take the kids home, fully clued-up on how to care for their new pet fish.

The Tropical Fish House

The Tropical fish house is our biggest yet, with almost three hundred tanks of warm-water fish. We import tropical freshwater fish from every continent except Antartica! This ensure that we have something for everybody. There is a huge range of community fish alongside rare and specialist species. These range from a simple Neon Tetra, up to fantastic Discus. We also have a dedicated South American fish system, which always houses a range of rare Catfish and Plecostomus alongside many varieties of stunning Discus and other species. Most importantly, we have specialists on hand who are only too happy to help and guide you if asked. In addition to the fish we have an enormous range of Aquariums, Plants, Chemicals, Fish Foods, Decoration, Pumps, and Filters. In fact everything you might need to keep tropical fish inculding good advice.

Marine Fish

The Tropical fish house also has our Marine disply. We have individual systems for fish, hard and soft corals, as well as shrimps and living rock. The marine stock changes regularly. Personally I find it astonishing that Nature designs such a variety of extraordinary, vividly coloured fish. We also stock everything you might need to keep these fish, ranging from a bag of salt to complete marine aquarium systems.

Coldwater Pond Fish

Our Coldwater Pond Fish are kept in four large systems which enables us to keep a very comprehensive range of pond fish, some produced and over-wintered at out own farm in Shropshire. You will find a big selection of Goldfish, Shubunkins, Sarasa Comets, Orfe, Sterlets, small Sturgeon, and Ghost Koi as well as other less common species. We are proud of our Koi selection and stock fish from a few inches up to two feet. Each Spring and again in mid-Summer we travel to the Far East to buy the very best Koi available, and because we purchase in such quantity, they are not the silly prices that you can see elsewhere. Naturally, we also stock more Pumps, Filters, Ponds, Liners, UV's, Fish Foods, Chemicals, Treatments, and plants than you will ever need.

Water Features

We also stock a huge range of Water Features. Here at Bridgemere, we have a dedicated 2,000 square foot building just for our Water Features. Whether it be a simple pebble pool, pond waterfall, self contained feature for the conservatory, or a large stone fountain, you can come and see them all, (probably working!) at Bridgemere.

How to find us



Ripples Waterlife at Bridgemere Garden World, Bridgemere, Near Nantwich, Cheshire, CW5 7QB

Open seven days a week - Tel: 01270 520020

Mon - Sat - 9.00am - 5.30pm
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Pet shop licence number: CE/PS16/311221